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I am never calling another electrician again. 50 stars!

I called, and the first thing I hear … hello this is Anna. Not a recording, not an answering service, not Rhonda receptionist … but the owner actually answered the phone! So 5 stars there.

Then I tell her my issue with breaker box/panel. Her answer was a true diagnostic answer!!! Not a … well you know it’s probably time to rewire the whole house … but we don’t know til we spend 8 hours looking and digging around and we charge on the half hour. Anna asked me to go to breaker panel. We talked and I ended up emailing her pictures for a closer look. I gave her a minute to look at my email and she called me back and said guys are on there way and here is what I think the deal is … one of two things. So another 5 stars!!

Anna, Chester and all who work with this business are in my opinion the best. Very old school in the way they do business and I love it!!! LOVE IT.

All the stars in the sky to this deal. I am never calling another electrician.

5-Star Review Posted on Yelp.

If you’re looking for professionalism, high quality and efficient work, and fair prices, look no further.

I can’t really say enough great things about Anna’s Electric. If you’re looking for professionalism, high quality and efficient work, and fair prices, look no further.

I found Anna’s when looking through Electricians to rewire my 1926 house. Anna’s been in the biz for decades, and safe to say she and her husband/Senior Electrician Chester know their stuff backwards, forwards, and every other possible way. Their crew members Chuy and Jesus are fantastic also – fun guys who know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to electricity. Over a period of three weeks, they systematically ripped out the old and unsafe wiring in our house and replaced it up to code while making important repairs along the way. They were excellent about answering the questions I had in the middle of the job and catering to some other modifications I wanted them to make, leaving me feeling like I was really in the hands of trusted friends or family members.

Based in Oak Cliff, the only problem you’re likely to have with Anna’s is availability, as they are pretty much constantly booked up by loyal customers.

Because of weather and some other things, I did have the occasional issue with emergency calls requiring their services in the middle of my job, but it didn’t cause me any problems and they very generously offered to comp another of my repairs as a result. I was enormously impressed with the level of personal service and was left feeling extremely satisfied.

I’ll never go anywhere else for any kind of electrical work, and neither should you. These are the kind of folks 5-star reviews exist for. Thanks so much!!!

5-Star Review Posted on Yelp.

Extremely Affordable!

They sent someone out 30 minutes after I called, and fixed the electrical problem we had with our water heater for what seems like forever in like an hour.

Amazing, and best of all extremely affordable compared to other places I considered. Definitely recommend and will use again!

5-Star Review Posted on Yelp.